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*******, 000-foot hands (early mix), 000-foot hands (final mix), 1, a machine in india, are you a hypnotist??, bad days, be my head, begs and achin', brains & rain, brainville, can't exist, can't stop the spring, charlie manson blues, christmas at the zoo, chrome plated suicide, clouds taste metallic, dave fridmann, do you realize?, drug machine in heaven, everything's explodin', evil will prevail, feeling yourself disintegrate, felt good to burn, fight test, frogs, godzilla flick, hear it is, hold your head, it remained unrealized, jesus shootin' heroin, jonathan donahue, just like before, kim's watermelon gun, kliph scurlock, lightning strikes the postman, little hands (rough mix), love yer brain, man from pakistan, mark coyne, michael, michael ivins, miracle on 42nd street, moth in the incubator, mountain side, nathan roberts, oh my gawd..., one more robot, placebo headwound, prescription: love, rainin' babies, redneck school of technology, richard english, right now, ronald jones, satellite of you, shaved gorilla, she don't use jelly, she is death, slow motion, slow motion (early mix), slow nerve action, stand in line, staring at sound, steven drozd, sunship balloons, superhumans, take meta mars, telepathic surgery, thanks to you, the abandoned hospital ship, the captain, the ceiling is bendin', the observer, the soft bulletin, the sun, they punctured my yolk, this here giraffe, time to wake up, trains, turn it on, u.f.o. story, unconsciously screamin', unplugged, wayne coyne, what a wonderful world, when yer twenty two, when you smile, with you, zaireeka